MAKLWETA Donor & Beneficiary Privacy Policy

MAKLWETA respects your privacy as a donor and we do not exchange, share or sell your address with or to third parties. In certain limited instances, we may share such information with carefully selected third parties as part of our system improvement to enable more effective donor communications with you and similar persons of goodwill.

MAKLWETA obtains oral and written consent from the parents and guardians of all our beneficiaries before shooting video and taking pictures of them for online profiling on the website. This data shall be strictly used for promotional purposes linked to our platform and is not shared with any unauthorized third party. Any person who uses the data outside MAKLWETA promotional programs without written consent may be liable for criminal prosecution.

MAKLWETA encourages and facilitates, where possible, contact between the donors and our beneficiaries in rural Africa. Such contact is part of our transparency policy and shall take place only under written authority and supervision of the Board. Donors shall be permitted to visit and communicate with the beneficiaries in the presence of a member of our Field Team and the teacher responsible for the beneficiary. We neither encourage nor approve the practice of letter writing between the donor and the beneficiary. MAKLWETA, instead, endeavors to provide tailored information about the beneficiaries that gives up-to-date status of every beneficiary and will always work closely with donors and sponsors to further the best interests of the beneficiaries including, where desirable, supporting tertiary training.

MAKLWETA implements a public transparency policy that allows us to account for all monies received. We aim to publish audited financial reports every April for the previous year on the website. We do not solicit for funds from anyone outside our publicly stated objectives. Outside our PayPal online system linked to the website, we currently operate only one account in Kenya with the Cooperative Bank, Moi Avenue Branch, Nairobi, Kenya. We aim to operate other subsidiary accounts in the United States, Germany and Hong Kong after complying with all local laws and this will be duly updated here. All donors who opt to send their sponsorships direct to our account should first contact us via for accurate account details. This will be issued in an official letterhead signed by a member of our Board.

To monitor incidences of possible fraud or doubtful solicitations in the name of MAKLWETA, please write to us at

MAKLWETA uses Google Analytics to collect information about the use of this site. The service only collects information about how often users visit the site, geographical location and pages they visit prior to visiting our site. We use this information to help us with targeted promotional and outreach initiatives and not for any other purpose. Google Analytics is controlled by Google and is governed by Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

MAKLWETA also uses other services provides like Mail Chimp to enable efficient advertisements and direct contact with the donors and potential donors. This Privacy Policy does not extend to such third parties and we endeavor to integrate an opt-out option.

MAKLWETA regularly collects personal data like name and email addresses of visitors to our site. We do this through an optional prompt that invites you to subscribe to our periodic online newsletter. This service is exclusively meant to help us provide you with updated information relating to our activities and for promotional purposes in fundraising for the girls. MAKLWETA does not circulate your data in anyway using our online newsletter. The newsletter integrates an opt-out option that allows you to unsubscribe.

MAKLWETA reserves the right make changes to the privacy policy without advance notice.

Please contact us at for any questions regarding this privacy policy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    December 2016