a.       What is MAKLWETA?
MAKLWETA is a charitable educational trust headquartered in Kenya with a subsidiary in Germany. We view ourselves as a platform for pooling strategic support to enable vulnerable girls in rural communities in Africa to remain in school. We currently work with teachers and local leaders in Homa Bay County, South West Kenya.
b.      How does MAKLWETA work and who do you support?
Operationally, MAKLWETA is governed by a Board comprising established and young professionals. The current Board comprises of representatives from all major regions of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Board members serve on voluntary basis. The Board is supported by a lean secretariat headed by Board Secretary and Field Assistant that oversees our programs on daily basis.
MAKLWETA only supports girls in marginalized and deprived rural areas. The secretariat works with local leaders and teachers to competitively identify the most vulnerable. Annually, we also admit limited numbers under special category like highly motivated teenage mothers who have demonstrated resolve to go back to school. We only admit between 10 – 15 girls per year which means beneficiaries must overall demonstrate discipline, desire to succeed and be well-rounded.
c.       How can I sponsor a girl?
It is simple!
The entire process is online on this website. Simply go to the ‘Sponsorships’ page and select the girl you want to sponsor. The system will automatically direct you to the sponsorship options available. The system will notify you in case you select a girl who has been fully sponsored. In that case, scroll to the next one.
We treat all the girls equally and encourage random sponsorship.
d.      What sponsorship options are available?
MAKLWETA is premised on the objective of keeping vulnerable and promising girls in rural Africa in school so that they eventually positively contribute to their communities. At the moment most girls in Homa Bay County dropout of school before reaching secondary school level. 

We therefore recommend that sponsors commit to supporting a girl through her four years of secondary education. The average annual school fee is USD 700 per girl. Our system is built to allow you to distribute this into monthly contributions.
e.       If only I want to support for one year, is this fair?

Yes! We look at sponsorship from the perspective of what works for you and the girls. We also encourage friends to pool resources and sponsor one girl. Any girl who no longer has a sponsor will be re-profiled on the website.

f.      When is the best time to sponsor a girl?

Anytime so long as the girl’s profile shows that she has no sponsor. Our annual recruitment cycle starts in June every year and targets only girls in the final year of primary school. It typically takes 3 months to come up the final comprehensive list. Successful girls will be profiled on the website from September every year.

g.       How can I support one or more girls?
Yes, the system allows this. In case of any difficulties then kindly get in touch with us via email or using the contact page.
h.      Can I be directly in touch with the beneficiaries?
Yes, through the school teachers as shown on the website. We strongly recommend that you first contact our Field Assistant to help coordinate with the schools. Nearly all the schools do not allow student contact with ‘strangers’. We also welcome sponsors and well wishers to the mentorship camp. Dates for mentorship camps will be communicated via our newsletter and mass emails.
i.      How can I give general donation?
We welcome general donations to help us run our operations. Please go to the ‘Support’ page and it will automatically direct you. Our bank accounts in Germany and Kenya are also listed on the page for direct transfers. Thank you very much.
If your question is not answered here, please email us on maklweta@maklweta.org and we’ll endeavor to respond.