Beneficiaries and their parents/guardians (First & Second Cohorts)

MAKLWETA launches second cohort (2017) of beneficiary girls from Homa Bay

December 16, 2016

As the festive season begins, we are pleased to unveil the Second Cohort (2017) of MAKLWETA sponsorship beneficiary girls. This year, the Board approved 13 hardworking and promising girls from rural Homa Bay after careful selection spearheaded by local teachers and elders with support of our field team. You can see the profiles of all the 13 girls here on our site. All the girls will be reporting to secondary/high school in early January, 2017. The Board also approved official fundraising and outreach process for the girls. You can sponsor any of the beneficiary girls directly through our site by visiting our  “Sponsor A Girl page here”. It has options for monthly subscription or general sponsorship.  We also invite you to share and circulate across your personal and professional networks. All fundraising and support is governed by our Privacy Policy which can be accessed on the Media page.

Mentorship Camp

In August 2016, we organised our first mentorship camp bringing together all the beneficiaries and their parents/guardians. The camp was honoured to have guest participation of Dr. Marcus and Feibai Schütz from Germany. You can see a blog by Marcus on their experience here. The next mentorship camp is scheduled for early January, 2017 before schools open in Kenya and will be graced by visitors from USA led by Board President, Mrs. Margaret Greene, and university students from Hong Kong.