Welcome to MAKLWETA!

WE are a charitable educational trust registered in Kenya and Germany. We view ourselves as a platform for pooling strategic support to enable vulnerable girls in rural communities in Africa to remain in school. We currently operate mainly in Homa Bay County, South West of Kenya.

Our founding philosophy is built on the urgent need to boost secondary school transition rates for girls in deprived rural communities. We view this as an essential component to supporting growth and sustainable development in these underserved areas.

Homa Bay County is a community of just over 1.2 million people. Over 95 per cent of the population lives in informal rural settlement and mainly relies on peasant agriculture for livelihood. The County has one of the highest poverty and infant mortality incidences in Kenya. The County also has over 25 per cent HIV/AIDS prevalence rates due to a combination of negative cultural practices and inadequate public health intervention.

Teenage girls are adversely impacted by these factors. Presently, rural communities in Homa Bay record high levels of teenage pregnancies and school dropout rates by girls who are at higher risks of infection and cultural discrimination. MAKLWETA works to reverse this trend by partnering with local schools and community leaders to identify early the most promising girls and mobilize support to keep them in school. We believe that by pooling support regardless of traditional ideological divide, several girls will get practical opportunity to actualize their dreams in life and eventually positively contribute to their communities.

The word ‘MAKLWETA’ loosely translates to “please hold my hands” in Dholuo. The Luos are a prominent indigenous African tribe found in Western Kenya along Lake Victoria, Northern Tanzania, Eastern and Northern Uganda, and South Sudan.

The Situation in Homa Bay

Nurturing Team work